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Client feedback

From businesses...
I served as the Chief Executive of SABMiller plc from May 2013 to October 2016 when the company went through a change of control. I worked with Robert over a period of 2 years, where he assisted me and my Executive team with the very difficult task of keeping the top leadership team of the company (around 100 people) focused on running a high performance and winning organisation, knowing that we were the subject of a corporate takeover. Robert provided me with very effective personal advice and support in this time, and worked extremely well with the leadership team. He was given a tough brief and delivered on this with empathy, insight, skill and professionalism. He has a deep academic knowledge, but can also deliver this in a way that motivates and inspires a corporate audience, and solves problems. I would have no hesitation in recommending Robert to anyone undergoing complex change processes or looking to build performance at senior levels of an organisation. 

Alan Clark, former CEO - SAB Miller

"Robert is a genius! I always enjoyed my engagement with him because of his vision, candour, and insight. His methods, including Constellations, provide invaluable insights into one’s blindspots and preconceived, as well as subconscious, notions."
- Fahd Al-Rasheed, CEO, Royal Commission for Riyadh City

"If perspective is important to you, ask Robert to help you get a new one or find one that you may have lost. On numerous occasions, with different groups looking at diverse issues, he has managed to guide us in search of new, unexpected and sometimes blindingly obvious and therefore uncomfortable perspectives. I approached Constellations with a healthy dose of skepticism the first time round, but thirty minutes in, I was sold."
-Paulo Lanzarotti, CEO, Asahi Breweries Europe

"Robert is an active listener who is able to thread through complex work related, family focussed and personal questions, whilst succinctly summarising common themes and provides prompts for further deep consideration. Would recommend wholeheartedly."
-JB, Investment Manager

From individuals attending Constellations...

"Robert's Constellations sessions help me to discover a much more objective appreciation of any issue that I bring to them. I leave each time with a sense of gratitude and reverence towards life."

- Andy P

I've known and worked with Robert since 2012. His Constellations workshops are always sold out and attract individuals who want to change or improve either private or professional life. Robert is an excellent facilitator: very intuitive, professional, works with integrity. He is always open-minded about how to approach a particular case. I've attended his events where issues like family disputes, relationship dynamics, work conflicts, intergenerational trauma, unexplained health problems, belonging, confidence issues were resolved within one evening. I highly recommend Robert to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life or are in search of professional success.
- Anna W

Robert’s Constellations workshops are life-changing, offering invaluable opportunities to experience both inner and ‘higher’ truths about one’s life and work.
-Andy M

Over the past years, I’ve attended many of Robert’s Constellations – every time, I walk away with insights that blow my mind. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that one of the Constellations changed my life. And even after such a long time, I can’t figure out how it works…but it’s Robert’s tender, astute and knowledgable guidance that makes the Constellations such a unique experience.
- Andrea W​

I have been constellating with Robert since 2013 and it has been a profound and moving experience for me, both as an issue holder and as a representative. One session in particular has been hugely helpful and cathartic in my wider life and has stayed with me for many years. Robert is extremely emotionally attuned to others and is able to read dynamics, feelings and difficulties in a responsive and insightful way. I always look forward to attending his Constellations events, and know that it will affect and nourish me deeply.
- Bella J​

Constellations with Robert has been the single most vital process for me in recent years: through his razor sharp insight and facilitating the process so skilfully, I have integrated hugely valuable realisations. I find his approach brilliantly executed and articulated and perhaps the most efficient method of transformation I have witnessed.

- Bianca G


I'm a serial returner to Robert's Constellations sessions, as I find him to be grounded in a solid, enlightened understanding and feel for the practice of this profound and often quite amazing work. I've learnt much and have been inspired by his discussions on the various aspects of systemic work in the sessions, and have experienced profound insights myself as a result of attending his sessions as an issue-holder and many times over as a representative/resource for others.
- Dan H

In an era of noise and distraction, where so much is hidden and masked, Constellations offers a chance to peel away and reveal the underlying distortion and poetry of form that informs everyday systems, dynamics and interactions. In his role as a constellator, I have been lucky to consistently witness the delicacy and skill with which Robert engages us in these small ceremonies of revealing, that leaves all those who experience it leaving with a different filter for the world.
- Dan S


In an age of algorithms and augmented reality, let Robert take you on a journey where you see yourself (kindly) though the eyes of strangers.
- Edmund H​


I've had the good fortune to participate in Constellations work with a number of great practitioners, but none has come close to Robert’s skill, sensitivity and profound, intuitive guidance of the process. He is a master of the mysterious art.
- Iris A

I've been going to Robert's Constellations workshops periodically since 2010. I'm convinced this has contributed to changing my life from one filled with crisis to one that is not only on a more even keel but is full of possibilities and expansion. Robert is insightful, incisive and dynamic in his practice and he's never reticent in the pursuit of clarity. I would highly recommend the experience!
- Jenny G


Robert has brought his philosopher’s approach to developing his practice in new and stimulating ways. As a constellator I am always delighted by the elegance and incisiveness of the way he unfolds and reveals the systemic issues in the room.
- John B-J


Having come to Constellations slightly doubtful, I was blown away. The inter-connective energy that Robert - expertly and with great intuitive sensitivity - unleashes in all of the participants around each issue, reveals layer upon layer of unexpected, illuminating, resolving and therapeutic insight. It has changed my perception of what humans can do together.
- Janne T


I am grateful to have worked with Robert on a number of occasions over several years. The work has moved me through an important process related to a change of career. Robert facilitates and makes very accessible a safe space, sharing profound knowledge of the theory to support the work. I enjoy his humour and am continually impressed by his intuitive and deeply profound insight. I recommend his workshops to anyone that hasn't experienced Constellations before and to those that have.
- Jon S


Constellations with Robert has had a profound and overwhelmingly positive effect on the way in which I view and understand myself and my relationships. I have great confidence in Robert and my engagement with his work has been vitally important in mapping and navigating the complexities of life. Robert has a natural manner and bearing that creates the safe environment of trust and openness that is so important to Constellations, while the depth and breadth of his experience and training leaves no doubt as to the professionalism of his practice.
- Jono J


Robert is an expertly skilled constellator.  His use of creative and intricate techniques to unravel the mysteries in both families and complex organisations is inspired. Robert's ability to demystify and resolve life-long recurring personal and professional problems is outstanding.
- Jonny M


Robert is unique amongst Constellations facilitators. Rather than sticking to a standard "build the family" formula, he intuits the key ingredients with laser-sharp acuity. He reads the information in the room to great effect and his use of abstracts is an impressive testament to his philosophical background. He's also thoroughly entertaining.
- Kaj M

Robert combines being a highly competent and inventive facilitator with a remarkable degree of articulacy and insight into the process itself, enabling participants to feel challenged and supported. His workshops generate warmth, depth and understanding.
- Karen H


Robert has a rare ability to unite the often opposing forces of rigorous academia and intuitive knowing, bringing a depth and wholeness to his Constellations work which is deeply moving and always leaves one with much food for thought.
- Kirt H


Robert’s craftsmanship is a brilliant combination of theory and practice. He adds background knowledge to this otherwise mystical practice, making it meaningful and magical at once.
- Laeony J


Robert convenes an extraordinary depth and richness of worlds in the delivery of his Constellations: philosophy, psychology, business, government and even spirituality have their place; I see this reflected in the fascinating variety of clients drawn to his work, from business leaders and consultants to artists and therapists - each of them magnetised by Robert's synthesis and integration of the rational and the spiritual, the everyday and the miraculous.

- Laurence S


Robert is a miracle worker, and if that seems far-fetched, go see for yourselves. I would (and have) highly recommend this to anyone who will listen.

- Lou S


Constellations with Robert is a treasure trove of discovery. There are the intellectually stimulating theoretical insights Robert gives, which are an art in themselves, making the indescribable simple and accessible to understanding. Then there is the sheer lightness of touch at managing the Constellation itself. With compassion, clarity and a gentle dose of humour, Robert guides the issue holder through their system. It never disappoints.

- Louisa C

Robert deftly guided my attention from my foggy avoidant mind to my tender heart. I also love the way he drops philosophical pearls into the pool of life to deepen our seeing.

- Martha C


I’ve known Robert from his very first Constellations meetings. Even from then, he had a natural gift for this work. He is sharply intuitive and works with this method with great perception and skill. Robert’s great gift to this method is his background too, of course, as a philosopher and man of many other disciplines. He analyses Constellations on many levels. He is wise and compassionate too. I highly recommend working with Robert on tough, knotty issues that feel too hard to work out alone.
- Monique R


Robert has a profound knowledge of what Constellations can reveal. His workshops are invariably compassionate, fascinating and expansive of the mind and soul.
- Mark V


After my first Constellations evening with Robert, I knew I had found a constellator with skill, insight and compassion, and that when the time was right, I would work with him. He constellated an issue with my mother a few months before her unexpected death. I truly experienced the depth of the love between us beyond the judgements of my adolescent necessarily-separating self, where I had been stuck for some considerable time! I am so profoundly grateful that that resource was with us as she was dying. It enabled a quality of presence with what was happening that means I am deeply confident that I did my best in helping her meet her death. The love was, and continues, to flow. Powerful work indeed.
- Rebecca H


I ask myself, how can you see what’s blind to you but in plain sight? How do you go about saying what’s never been said but was always known? How do you see yourself as part of a system? Answer: dive into Constellations with Robert. I’ve been fortunate enough to do so and am always struck by what reveals itself on each occasion.
- Rupesh V


Robert’s intellectual grounding in Constellations theory and practice always manages to provide the rigour and structure to placate the questioning, analytical part of my brain. My intuitive self is then free to allow the flow of magic and transformation that happens as a result of being open to the field. I continue to be astonished at the power of the healing that happens in every workshop I attend with him. Perhaps equally important, Robert wears a brilliant selection of socks.
- Sally A


Everyone there gets something out of a session. Constellations reveal an unexpected and profound level of connection between humans that’s hopeful and sustaining. Robert’s deftness and persistence pushed me towards a resolution of my particular family conflict that allayed significant guilt and fear. What I’ve seen Constellations do is to produce a helpful shift. And I can say it’s a definitely a positive, life-affirming process.
- Sarah F


Robert is a rare guide to the mysteries of the mind. Few others can move as deftly between cognition and compassion. He listens with the searing intelligence of a philosopher and responds with the intuitive instincts of a lover. His Constellations combine rigour and tenderness to offer hope and healing.
- Sophie H


Having had previous experience of Constellations, I was intrigued to try out something new and Robert's unique blend of practical application with a deep foundation in philosophical academia didn't disappoint. He holds the space beautifully and gives valuable insights into topics in a way that no one else can. I can't recommend highly enough.
- Tom M

The space that Robert creates in his Constellations is refined, loving and transcendent in all the best of ways. - 
Yashka M


I would not hesitate to recommend Robert for Constellations to explore personal biases or blindspots in organisational work. Sensitivity, lightness, depth and the precision of a philosophy professor and author are among his qualities.
- Zhenya K

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