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Philosophy Slam! 


Philosophy Slam! is an interactive event created by Robert Rowland Smith and fellow philosopher, Mark Vernon. It is where ideas meet improv.


To learn more please follow the link below. 

"The Philosophy Slam format with Mark and Robert is deeply thought-provoking, insightful and engaging, not only that, but it’s also incredibly fun and often very funny. The format is one of the most original I’ve come across, it’s highly versatile and can be used to warm up audiences at conferences or inspire leaders about specific themes on training days. I’ve commissioned philosophy slams with all sorts of FTSE100 clients who have hugely enjoyed it. The only problem is it’s too short!"
Ewen Haldane  
Managing Director - Future Talent Learning  


Philosophy Slam! at The School of Life

Philosophy Slam! at Grange Holborn Hotel 

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