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Robert is a leading practitioner of Systemic Constellations. He offers both personal and organisational Constellations for individuals and businesses.

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Robert began his practice in 2007. Since then he has run many hundreds of Constellations for a wide range of organisations and individuals, addressing an equally wide range of issues, and in locations as diverse as Paris, Prague, New York City, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Lisbon, Ljubljana, and Amsterdam.

What to expect

Robert's events, whether online or offline, take place in a confidential environment where we work with the field to reveal hidden dynamics in personal, organisational, creative and social systems. Robert also offers some theory to help make sense of the process.

In this video Nicola Dunn and I talk about the experience of representing in a constellation. We also discuss what makes a good representative.


Robert training a group of Constellations students.

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Preparing for Constellations in Slovenia, Oxford and Lisbon 
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