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Organisational  Constellations 

Some of the issues that Robert has helped organisations with:

  • getting the CEO to address his leadership style

  • gaining support for a new initiative

  • managing a complex stakeholder system

  • exerting influence on government

  • intervening between chairman and chief executive

  • restructuring financial processes

  • connecting the people to the strategy

  • preparing a business for acquisition by a third party

  • reviving a brand

  • giving a role beyond span-breaking to regional managers

  • clarifying the relationship between a business and its foreign owner

  • centralising a decentralised business

  • handling a redundancy programme

  • keeping a local community onside during a major capital project

  • dealing with the politics among partner organisations

  • reshuffling a senior management team

– Alison Young, former Global Head of Organisation Effectiveness at Pearson plc

"To the outsider, Robert creates ‘magic’ in the way that he uses Constellations in his work with individuals and groups. The magic is a powerful combination of the deep empathy he brings through his interpersonal skills, a robust understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of his approach, his ability to hold the whole ‘system’, and his broad experience across many issues both corporate and personal. He creates powerful shifts that last because he is able to focus on what’s going to make the biggest different for a person or group."

– Paulo Lanzarotti, CEO, Asahi Breweries Europe

"If perspective is important to you, ask Robert to help you get a new one or find one that you may have lost. On numerous occasions, with different groups looking at diverse issues, he has managed to guide us in search of new, unexpected and sometimes blindingly obvious and therefore uncomfortable perspectives. I approached Constellations with a healthy dose of skepticism the first time round, but thirty minutes in, I was sold."

-Fahd Al-Rasheed, former CEO of King Abdullah Economic City

"Robert is a genius! I always enjoyed my engagement with him because of his vision, candour, and insight. His methods, including Constellations, provide invaluable insights into one’s blindspots and preconceived, as well as subconscious, notions."

Clients include:

"We found Robert’s approach to leadership development extremely useful and the Constellations sessions are enlightening. His professional and personal style resonates extremely well with our people." - Sian Keane, Chief People Officer, Farfetch

  • Aberkyn / McKinsey & Co                                    

  • House of Beautiful Business

  • Mars

  • Oxford Saïd Business School

  • Pearson

  • SAB Miller

  • The School of Life

  • Young Global Leaders @ WEF

  • Unilever

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