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Personal Constellations

Some of the issues which Robert has constellated for individuals:


‘I feel constant free-floating anxiety’

‘I want to have a baby, but can’t get pregnant’

‘I have lost my sense of purpose’

‘I can never keep hold of money’

‘My sister keeps undermining me’

‘I feel disconnected from myself’

‘I feel guilty for my father’s death’

‘Two of my ex-boyfriends have killed themselves’

‘I love my wife, and I’m in love with another woman’

‘My daughter is suicidal’

‘I want to get in touch with my creativity’

‘I can’t sleep’

‘I overeat out of anxiety and have developed sleep apnea’

‘My father is in a coma and I want to communicate with him’

‘I feel out of place’

‘I want to stop repeating patterns in my relationships’

‘I’m stuck on my novel’

‘I don’t know where to live’

‘I want to move abroad for my career but my family doesn’t want to go’

‘I have a disability that causes me shame’

‘I’m worried about my health, especially my blood pressure’

‘My father killed himself when I was young, and ever since I can’t connect with my mother’

‘I haven’t been in a relationship for years and I don’t understand why’

‘I am a compulsive liar'

‘I want to give up smoking but can’t’

‘I’ve developed a phobia of my cat’

‘My sister’s ex-husband took their three children away from her’

‘I’m a painter and I never know when a painting is finished’

‘I am accident prone’

‘My father is in his eighties but refuses to let go of the family business’

‘I’m terrified of public speaking’

‘My husband and I haven’t had sex in years’

‘I need to figure out my relationship to God’

‘I had concussion a few months ago and I haven’t been the same since’

‘My mother has had cancer for nine years and it’s time for her to go’

‘The gallery representing me wants artwork from me that I don’t want to do’

‘My boyfriend just told me that he slept with his ex’

‘I’m worried that I will never fall in love again’

‘I’ve achieved everything I set out to achieve, and now I’m lost’

Robert's Constellations sessions help me to discover a much more objective appreciation of any issue that I bring to them. I leave each time with a sense of gratitude and reverence towards life.

- Andy P

"I've had the good fortune to participate in Constellations work with a number of great practitioners, but none has come close to Robert’s skill, sensitivity and profound, intuitive guidance of the process. He is a master of the mysterious art.

- Iris A 

Robert is a miracle worker, and if that seems far-fetched, go see for yourselves. I would (and have) highly recommend this to anyone who will listen.

- Lou S

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