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Robert interviewed by Louisa Clarke.
Constellations – Unravelling the Mystery of Family Patterns
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Stephen Coates interviews Robert for the The Bureau of Lost Culture 
Philosophy as Counterculture?

Click below to listen to a podcast on The Dynamics of Power, and other podcasts recorded with Thompson Harrison. 

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Robert contributed to Derren Brown's 'Boot Camp for Life'. Available on Audible. 

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Video: Robert interviewing Slavoj Zizek (not an easy task)

Do we still need enlightenment values?
At the RSA
'A life well lived'
At the Longevity Forum
Robert being interviewed about 'AutoBioPhilosophy'
For Talks at Goldman Sachs
Longevity, imagination and wisdom
Robert in conversation with Andrew Scott
Jared Diamond interviewed by Robert
For The School of Life
Panel on the legacy and influence of Carl Jung
At the RSA
Is madness a form of wisdom?
At HowTheLightGetsIn
Steven Pinker interviewed by Robert
At Cadogan Hall
Robert interviewed on inner happiness
Talk on 'Breakfast with Socrates'
At the RSA
Panel on spirituality
At the RSA
Talk on the power balance between humans and technology
For the Future Talent Conference
What does it mean to be human?
A talk at the House of Beautiful Business
Killer Questions Every Business Leader Should Ask
A talk at Vilnius Management School
The end of the Berlusconi Empire
Vlog for The Sunday Times Online 


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