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Creating Clarity.

 Robert Rowland Smith 

Family Business Advisory

Robert's speciality is family businesses. He combines the practical experience of having advised corporates over many years, with an ability to handle family dynamics sensitively. He offers tailored support.

Individual &
Group Coaching

Robert offers executive and personal coaching, online and face to face. Off-the-shelf coaching packages as well as bespoke programmes are available.

Leadership & Boards

Robert designs and delivers leadership and board programmes. These are always aimed at benefitting both the individual and the business.


Constellations underpins all Robert does. Be the focus on personal or organisational issues, he works systemically to remove hidden blockages.

Client services
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A digital card deck for rethinking your relationships

Simple Truths card readings online

Using his own digital deck of cards, Robert will guide you through a reading that will help you gain clarity and insight into your life. Whether you’re feeling stuck, lost, or just looking for direction, a Simple Truths card reading can help you find the answers you’ve been searching for. With Robert's guidance, you can gain clarity and confidence. Book your session today.

Events coming up...

Monday 3 June 7pm

Philosophy Slam! at Soho House, Dean Street 
(Members only)

Tuesday 25 June 7 - 10pm
Constellations, Bloomsbury

Saturday 6 July

Philosophy Slam! at The Idler Festival







Monday 15 July
Constellations, Bloomsbury
(Tickets coming soon)

1st - 4 August 

Constellations & Philosophy Slam! are coming to Wilderness Festival this summer! 


Tuesday 10 September 

Philosophy Slam! at The Century Club
(Tickets coming soon)

What’s Philosophy Slam!?

What’s Constellations?

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An award-winning author and Prize Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, Robert Rowland Smith went on to become a partner in a London advisory firm. He has worked with the executive teams and boards of numerous organisations from global blue chips to start ups.

It is this combination of the philosophical and the practical that makes him unique.

Robert has subsequently built a reputation as a leading practitioner of systemic constellations.


Robert is the author of seven books, including bestsellers ‘Breakfast with Socrates’ and ‘The Reality Test’. He has been a columnist for the Sunday Times Magazine, writing on moral dilemmas. He is a regular speaker at public and private events.

Online course
Systemic Sentences

Learn how to use systemic sentences and the theory behind them. These can be incorporated directly into your practice as a constellator, coach, communications expert or consultant. They will be particularly helpful for guiding difficult conversations. 

  • 300 sentences for use in Constellations, coaching, and consulting 

  • 23 videos explaining how to use them

  • A workbook based around scenarios to practise using the sentences

  • A optional private session with Robert to discuss any questions you might have

Online course
How organisations work: The fundamentals

A presentation-based course in seven parts


This course provides those with an interest in how organisations work with the fundamentals. The seven parts cover:

- Vision, mission, purpose, values and strategy
- Work and process
- Systems and operations

- Form and function
- Governance and accountability
- People, culture and leadership
- Marketing, brand and stakeholder management

Each part comes as a set of slides with a prerecorded voice commentary by Robert Rowland Smith. There are approximately fifteen slides per module, and modules run from twenty to thirty minutes in length. This is a digital download. 

Talks, panels, corporate events



Most recently, Robert was invited by a London investment bank to give a talk on the philosophy of money.


Key points:

  • Money has no value in itself. It is purely ‘fungible’.

  • Therefore we can invest any meaning in money that we want.

  • For some, money equals safety. For some, freedom. For others, success. And so on.

  • So money is a means to an end. Can you achieve the same end with a different means?


Robert is a popular speaker at public and private events, addressing a wide range of topics that include philosophy, psychology, politics, and business strategy. 

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Robert speak at many corporate events on a wide range of topics. He offers fresh perspectives on important issues, and always does so with great clarity and good humour. He is a first call for new insights on complex issues. I would recommend him without reservation."

David Blanc

Trade Adviser for the French Republic

Cofounder of Vestra

Online Constellations

Robert has developed one to one, online Constellations especially for clients who can't be seen in person. 

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Robert convenes an extraordinary depth and richness of worlds: philosophy, psychology, business, government and even spirituality have their place; I see this reflected in the fascinating variety of clients drawn to his work, from business leaders and consultants to artists and therapists - each of them magnetised by Robert's synthesis and integration of the rational and the emotional, the everyday and the miraculous. 

- Laurence S

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